Pronoun, Əvəzlik – Quiz 1

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Diqqət bu quiz Abituriyentlər və Magistratura imtahanlarına hazırlaşanlar üçün nəzərdə tutulub.


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1. Have you heard that a friend of ___ went to the USA?
2. That is the girl ___ brother came to see ___.
3. If ___ has ___ questions, I’ll be pleased to answer them.
4. I haven’t read ___ of these books but Gunay has read ___ of them.
5. That pen isn’t ___ . ___ is a green one.
6. My English Teacher always thinks of ___ happiness.
7. ___ was not a marriage that could last.
8. If this hat is ___, where have you put ___?
9. ___ read the book and ___ took it to the library.
10. The work done by ___ is very important.
11. Why is ___ sitting in the dark?
12. - What has Gulnare?
- ___ has a very nice cat.
13. Will ___ please give me your pen?
14. MR. WATSON said that THE MYSTERY was over.
15. Bad NEWS has wings.
16. I have a cat. ___ is very nice.
17. ___ didn’t take our children to the park as ___ were at school.
18. ___ house is almost the same as ___ neighbors’ house. The only difference in appearance is that ___is grey and ___ is white.
19. ___ roommate and ___ have to share a bookshelf: ___ keeps ___books on the top two shelves, and I keep ___ on the bottom two shelves.
20. Of course I ___ used to be very wealthy.
21. I enjoyed the music, but I didn’t like the play ___ .
22. I always enjoy ___ when I go to concerts of classical music.
23. You know, Mary bought ___ a new dress yesterday.
24. Let the boys clean the room ___ .
25. We should help everyone as much as possible because we often need help ___ .

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