Vocabulary Quiz -1

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Vocabulary Quiz -1

Diqqət bu quiz Abituriyentlər üçün nəzərdə tutulmamışdır.


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1. Apart from those three very cold weeks in January, it has been a very ________ winter.
2. The best student in each class will ______ a prize at the end of term.
3. There is real concern that food supplies will not be ________ to feed the increasing world population.
4. The police ________ her for helping the murderer to escape.
5. The children will not be allowed to come with us if they don’t ________ themselves better.
6. You must obtain ________ from the landowner to fish in this river.
7. The local tourist bureau will send you _______ about hotels in the area.
8. The use of plastic for shoes ________ of leather has ruined shoe repairing as a business.
9. Her husband felt it would be silly to ________ the color of the curtains before they had painted the room.
10. The _______ of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer months.
11. It will ________ time if we make the sandwiches the day before the picnic.
12. I haven’t got enough string to ________ up this parcel.
13. Bill doesn’t ________ what people say about him.
14. Although the false banknotes fooled many people, they did not ________ to close examination.
15. When he beat the carpet, the ________ rose in clouds.
16. _____ of money prevented us from taking a holiday this year.
17. This blue-flower is known by ______ names in other parts of England.
18. Why can’t you do this small ________ for me? I’ve helped you often enough in the past.
19. When there was a short ________ in the conversation, I asked if anyone would like anything to drink.
20. While I am on holiday, ring me at my hotel only if there are any ________ messages for me.
21. This ________ is not big enough to cut down a tree.
22. He must give us more time ________ we shall not be able to make a good Job of it.
23. I should be very _______ if you would post this letter for me.
24. When you get to the motorway, follow the ______ for London.
25. The garden ________ as far as the river.

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