Vocabulary Quiz -2

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Vocabulary Quiz -2

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1. It is time to ________ the table for dinner.
2. I have always ________ you my best friend.
3. He lost his ________ when the policeman stopped him.
4. He won’t ________ to buy some bread unless I tell him again.
5. Because of the fine weather, we had all our classes in the _____ air.
6. Will you be taking my previous experience into ________ when you fix my salary?
7. If it wasn’t an accident, he must have done it on ________.
8. Most things are now mass-produced rather than ________.
9. The office lifts are out of ________ again.
10. Let me know if any difficulties ________.
11. I can’t ________ to have a holiday abroad on my salary.
12. They are twins and look very ________.
13. It is a very popular play, and it would be wise to________ seats well in advance.
14. He’s not ________ of learning German in six months.
15. There was a large box behind the door and Ahmed could not ________falling over it.
16. Although I spoke to him many times, he never took any _______.
17. The house was sold for £60000, which was far more than its real _____.
18. This morning, drivers were warned of _____ fog in all industrial areas.
19. I can’t find the scissors anywhere. What have you done ______ them?
20. You couldn’t _______ any secrets even for an hour in that little town.
21. The workers went on strike because they thought their wages were too ________.
22. The explorer ________ all the way to the source of the river by boat.
23. When the bill came, he had to _______ money from his brother to pay it.
24. Because the company was doing more business it was necessary to ________ the factory.
25. The farmer had to wear heavy boots in the winter because the fields were so wet and ________.

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