İngilis dili Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanı üzərə SINAQ 1

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İngilis dili Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanı üzərə SINAQ 1

Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanına girəcək bütün həmkarlarımıza imtahanda uğurlar.



Hasan Alisoy.

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1. Not all English people ______ fish and chips.
2. It is very difficult to drive in ______.
3. ______ solar energy is produced in ______ central core of_____ sun.
4. In _____ kingdom of Nepal, high up in _____ Himalayas and within
sight of _____ Mt. Everest _____ world’s highest mountain, _____
way of life in _____ villages has hardly changed in hundreds of years.
A)  B)
C) D)
5. Next August, while you ______ for your exams, I ______ on a Mediterranean beach.
6. On ___ bright January morning ___ telephone kept ringing in my office.
7. I remember that it was ___ my fifteenth birthday that she first put them ___ my hands.
8. -Will Mr. Black be at home ___ Saturday evening?
-Yes, he’ll be at home ___ four.
9. If the help ___ in time, the experiment ___ tomorrow afternoon.
10. If you ___ harder you ___ more money and now you ___ to buy a car.
11. “I spoke to Jane last week,” she said.
She said ___ .
12. She said, “I lost the key of my room.”
She said that ___ .
13. When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ________ towards his expenses.
14. The human ear admits only a very limited range of frequencies.
15. Answer the questions 15-16-17 according to the text given below.

When Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 from Spain, his destination was not America. In fact, he did not even know that the huge American continents existed. His purpose in sailing west was to reach the Indies faster than other ships which used a route around Africa. The Indies were a source of riches for Europeans during those
days. The treasures of spices, silks, etc. were greatly valued by Europeans but were extremely difficult to obtain. When Columbus reached the islands that are now known as the West Indies, he believed he had reached Asia and he called the people living there ‘Indians’.

In 1492 Columbus _____.
16. Spices, silks and other treasures _____.
17. Columbus believed _____.
18. Complete the following paragraphs.
Every year 100 million holiday-makers go to the Mediterranean. With one third of the world's tourist trade it is the most popularof all the holiday areas: yet, it is also the most polluted. _____
19. Find the appropriate questions for the following answers.

There was not enough money.
20. Find the appropriate questions for the following answers.

In the 17th century the streets of London were so narrow that it was often possible for a person at a window on one side of the street to shake hands with a neighbor on the other side.
21. Make up a Story.

I. In the morning when he woke up, the train was in Paris.
II. He asked the conductor to wake him up even if he would protest.
III. Once Mark Twain was traveling in France by train.
IV. Mark Twain was angry with the conductor who didn't wake him up at his station. But he said "you are not half angry as the man whom I made get off at your station".
V. He had to get off at a small station at night.
22. Make up a Text.

1. In winter they decided to make a snow maiden and that they did.
2. Since that day she had become their daughter.
3. They were childless.
4. A miracle happened: the snow maiden breathed once or twice, opened her eyes and smiled to the old people.
5. There lived an old man and his wife.
23. Complete the dialogue.

T: Please, don't tell anyone.
B: _____.
T: Do you promise?
B: _____.
24. Complete the dialogue.

A: Do you think you could give me your bicycle this morning?
B: _____.
A: _____.
25. Archeologists ---- under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, but political protests ---- the excavations.
26. ---- by the time you have unpacked.
27. The forest fire ---- an area of the Amazonian rain forest the size of France.
28. ----- dreams signify has puzzled mankind for thousands of years.
29. Choose the correct sentences.

  1. The Chinese works much.

  2. This coat cost five pounds.

  3. All teachers cares about their students.

  4. A lot of progress have been made by them.

  5. Some of the geese were sold.

  6. Several piece of paper was spread on the floor.

  7. Small pieces of glass were found on the stairs.

30. My grandmother always wants us -----.
31. Bir il xaricdə qalıb geri qayıtdığımda ölkəm üçün nə qədər çox darıxdığımı hiss etdim.
32. Do you have any idea about ---- I should send my letter of resignation to?
33. The terrorist group is known ---- an extensive supply of weapons.
34. Tobacco, which we now know ---- so harmful, was once thought .---- medicinal value.
35. Qabala is ---- colder in winter than l had imagined.
36. Choose the correct sentence in the Possessive case.
37. No amount of toys can make up for the love and attention ---- every child needs.
38. A: Should I study art or philosophy?
B: ----! In my opinion, they are ---- a waste of time.
39. Do you know that everything they ---- ---- guaranteed for two years?
40. Müəllimin sual verdiyi tələbələrdən heç biri qaneedici cavab verə bilmədi.

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