İngilis dili Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanı üzərə SINAQ 2

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İngilis dili Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanı üzərə SINAQ 2

  • Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanına girəcək bütün həmkarlarımıza imtahanda uğurlar.
  • GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Hasan Alisoy.
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1. ___ roommate and ___ have to share a bookshelf: ___ keeps ___ books on the top two shelves, and I keep ___ on the bottom two shelves.
2. As ___ is clear to ___, I’m not going to say ___ else.
3. ___ looking ___ his papers he understood it was time ___ him to type them.
4. I can see all the details; the lazy cat spread out ___ the fireplace, my aunt ___ one chimney corner.
5. Here ___ your keys. The boy ___ you up to your rooms and your luggage ___ up straight away.
6. -Hello, Ann! I ___ you for ages. Where have you been all this time?
-I ___ to Italy. I ___ back yesterday.
7. The skier broke his leg and ___ compete in the recent Olympic Games.
8. -___ any of you speak Italian?
-No, but we are learning it and I hope we ___ speak it next year.
9. We ___ if they ___ .
10. I would have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday if I ___your address.
11. -Please, give me this bouquet of flowers. I think it is___ than the rest ones.
-But it’s ___ .
-Never mind. I’ll buy it.
12. ___ goods you sell, ___ profit you’ll make.
13. He admitted ___ the car but denied ___ it by himself.
14. Many builders and engineers from other republics began ___ to build new houses in Moscow in 1995.
15. Frank is in hospital. He feels bad. He has to give up ___ and ___ beer. But he can’t. He says to his wife, ‘’Would you mind ___ some cigarettes next time?”
16. All the business letters ___ yesterday. They ___ to the post office immediately.
17. This work ___ tomorrow.
18. “Did you work at a factory 3 years ago?” she asked her friend.
She asked her friend if she ___ .
19. He asked her “Did anybody call this morning?”
He asked her ___ .
20. Tomorrow when you ___ the sun ___ .
21. While he ___ to school his elder brother ___ from the Institute. His brother is a teacher now.
22. He never thought what might come out of it, ___?
23. There is neither electricity nor gas on the island, ___?
24. Our professor thinks we like his subject. What about yours?
25. She never liked to wear clothes in bright colors.
26. Very few scientists ________ with completely new answers to the world’s problems.
27. He climbed up into the tree and picked all the fruit _______ reach.
28. Answer the questions 28-30 according to the text.

During the Gulf War the extent of the development of television and radio news broadcasting was very apparent. The CNN reporter Peter Arnett gave live coverage of the situation present in the capital city of Iraq, Baghdad. The telephone lines which were constantly open and full of minute by minute reportage of the events taking place, served as the main means of communication. Although they were not given complete freedom in the use of their television cameras, the scenes that they were able to show the world were viewed with interest and astonishment. The whole world was able to follow the events of the war as they took place, from their living room television

28. The Gulf War was the first war in which _____.
29. According to the passage Peter Arnett was _____.
30. According to the passage telephone lines _____.
31. Choose the correct sentences with the complex object.

  1. The teacher felt somebody standing at the door.

  2. We heard that he entered the best university in the US.

  3. Sir, let me come first, please.

  4. She wanted to buy that big bicycle for Ernest.

  5. Remember, no one wanted you to go there alone.

  6. We expect her get first prize.

32. Choose the correct sentences with the complex object.

  1. Our detachment lost a great number of its soldiers in “Dashalty” operation.

  2. Everyone protested him to sign the contract.

  3. The children saw him sitting in the yard, his eyes were full of tears.

  4. I forgot to give the reporter the necessary documents.

  5. “Azercell” covers almost all regions of Azerbaijan.

33. Which of the following are correct?

  1. What does “The Guardian” present the readers?

  2. What news “The Guardian” present the readers?

  3. What news does “The Guardian” present the readers?

  4. What news does “The Guardian” presents the readers?

  5. What “The Guardian” present the readers?

34. Choose the correct interrogative sentence.
35. Choose the correct ones.

  1. to make one’s best

  2. to do something for living

  3. to make friends with others

  4. to make an appointment

  5. to do an appointment


  1. to visit to historical places

  2. a visit to historical places

  3. to do one’s duty

  4. to do an experiment

  5. to make homework day by day

37. ---- of seagulls followed the tractor as the farmer ploughed the field.
38. We rang ---- hotels before we found ---- with vacant rooms.
39. There are many daily newspapers in England, many of ----- are owned by two large media companies.
40. The school ---- to me by my friend is offering new courses in September.

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