İngilis dili Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanı üzərə SINAQ 4

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İngilis dili Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanı üzərə SINAQ 4

Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanına girəcək bütün həmkarlarımıza imtahanda uğurlar.



Hasan Alisoy.

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1. ---- how many windows I open, I can't get any air movement in the house.
2. ---- vast distances and great difficulties in transportation, there was a remarkable amount of trade in the ancient world.
3. The petrol warning light ---- for half an hour before we ---- a petrol station.
4. They'll let us know the exact price ---------.
5. Dünya davamlı olaraq dəyişir və biz bu dəyişmənin gerisində qalmamaq üçün çalışırıq.
6. I believe you ---- this computer programme in your previous job, so you ---- it difficult at times. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for help.
7. A: I can’t believe Jane isn’t here to collect her award.
B: She ---- the invitation. We definitely should have checked that she had got it.
8. “Fragile, handle with care” ---- on the package, but still the contents of the parcel ---- when it arrived.
9. I’m sure they ---- with your gift. They --- a toaster for a long time.
10. Ona həqiqəti deyilmədiyini anlayanda çox böyük xəyal qırıqlığı keçirdi.
11. They took part in ___ demonstration in ___ Independence Square.
12. And what ___ beautiful picture there is over there on ___ wall!
13. ---- that is open to the amateur as well as the professional.
14. Answer the next 5 questions according to the text.

London has fog almost every day of the year. Sometimes it's so thick that you can hardly see your feet. You can hear only the cries of people trying to avoid the traffic and one another. The buses move very slowly. The conductors walk in front of them shouting out directions to the drivers. That's why there has been a tradition in London to paint all the buses, letter-boxes and public phones in red colour, so that people could see them better on a foggy day.

  1. The passage is mainly about ...

15. Why are London buses and letter-boxes painted in red colour?
16. Choose the correct statements.

  1. Bus drivers show the way to conductors.

  2. People keep the tradition of painting buses in red colour.

  3. It's easier to find a letter-box if it's red.

  4. In foggy weather people move fast and safe.

17. Which word in the  text has the meaning 'to keep away from somebody or something'?
18. Which question has no answer in the passage?
19. ---- you practise the language, ---- you'll become at speaking it.
20. The sales manager spoke to us ---- to make us realise how important it was not to keep the customers waiting.
21. The best person ---- us some information about Cyprus is Elif because she used to live there.
22. Frank Sinatra, ---- songs are known worldwide, died earlier this year.
23. Our local shop, ---- sells ice-cream and baklava, makes everything ---- it sells at the shop.
24. Our local shop, ---- sells ice-cream and baklava, makes everything ---- it sells at the shop.
25. -----, the cheapest of which charges fifty dollars per week.
26. Choose the correct sentences with the complex object.

  1. The teacher felt somebody standing at the door.

  2. We heard that he entered the best university in the US.

  3. Sir, let me come first, please.

  4. She wanted to buy that big bicycle for Ernest.

  5. Remember, no one wanted you to go there alone.

  6. We expect her get first prize.

27. Choose the correct sentences with the complex object.
28. The art teacher ----- the headmaster that they ----- some good entries in the children's painting competition already.
29. This was … song the group have ever performed.
30. Let’s take our travel chess set in case we ----- bored on the train.
31. My brother is really scared of large dogs and panics ----- he sees one.
32. Are you implying ----- the area is unsafe?
33. That lady over there is asking whether the tennis club ----- lessons because she ----- to hire a private instructor for her daughter.
34. The newspapers aren't revealing -----.
35. The spade is a gardening ________.
36. The thieves buried the ________ under an oak-tree.
37. The work had _____ under extremely difficult conditions.
38. Most people in our country prefer tea ____ coffee.
39. If I were you, I ______ more exercise.
40. _____ it be possible to go next week if they were here?

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