Müəllimlərin İşə Qəbulu Test – 10

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Müəllimlərin İşə Qəbulu Test – 10


Müəllimlərin işə qəbulu imtahanına girəcək bütün həmkarlarımıza imtahanda uğurlar.



Hasan Alisoy.

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1. Hasan---- a master's degree as soon as he ----, to Canada.
2. ______ you students?
3. Conventional wisdom contends that the consumption of salt makes us thirsty and therefore leads to increased drinking to ………. the balance of minerals in the body.
4. As my son ---- down by the river, I ---- his room thoroughly.
5. ______ the man at work?
6. The electricity ---- off last night just as the film on TV ---- interesting.
7. Choose the correct variant.

Lamiye asks … .
8. Winter, the most unpredictable of all seasons in lstanbul, sometimes ---- as early as October and ---- until April.
9. ----, our client will have decided to use one of our competitors, so let's hurry up and make a decision.
10. Write your names on top of your paper ----.
11. This is the fifth time they ---- this record this  morning. I wonder when they ---- tired of it?
12. The teacher was certain that some of the students ---- by the new grammar, but they ---- any questions.
13. Saturated fats ---- ---- the level of cholesterol in the blood.
14. ----- you are as bored at work as you say, why don’t you look for a more interesting job?
15. She described her holiday job at the factory ----- it were torture.
16. All the business letters ___ yesterday. They ___ to the post office immediately.
17. A: _____ do your brothers like working in this factory?
B: Because they earn much money.
18. Read the passage and answer the next 5 given questions.

There are many languages in the world. Some of them are difficult to learn, others are very easy. Many people think that the Chinese language together with the world and Arabic are the most difficult foreign languages. But learning a foreign language is not an easy task and it takes a lot of time and effort.   When a child learns its own language, it learns to understand what others say and talk, long before it learns to read and write.  But as schoolchildren begin to study a second language much later, they cannot learn it as they learned their own language. However, if you hear foreign language and understand what you hear, you will soon learn to speak it easily. Then if you recognize words when you see them on paper, you will have the little difficulty in reading or writing.

 Which word does underlined it refer to?
19. Choose the best title for the text.
20. Have something, or possess
21. Choose the wrong statement
22. Because the company was doing more business it was necessary to ________ the factory.
23. You can't be sure of the standard of service you will receive ----.
24. The headmaster told the boy ----- the top button of his shirt and ----- at attention.
25. I think Jeremy's aunt lives ---- they went for their honeymoon.
26. She was trying to fall asleep … the grass, but the bees and some insects were flying … her head worrying her.
27. ... the picture, I can see a family ... a kitchen.
28. Choose the correct sentence with the Complex Object.
29. Are you implying ----- the area is unsafe?
30. Change into the Active Voice.
The Washington Monument is visited by hundreds of people every day.
31. A: I haven’t seen your little sister before.
B: ...?
32. Could you tell me ... ?
33. Have you read ...?
34. … it was very cold outside, the children liked playing in the yard.
35. Choose the correct sentences.
1. My father and I were ready to leave.
2. The water in the buckets is pure.
3. Take the books which is on the table.
4. The girls and the boys shall take part in the competition.
5. Some pupils was absent from the lesson.
36. Match the words to their definitions.
1. to invite 2. to invade 3. to invent
a) to produce or design something that has not existed before.
b) to ask somebody to come to a social event, party or meal.
c) to enter a country or town using military force in order to take control of it.
37. There are many daily newspapers in England, many of ----- are owned by two large media companies.
38. Jack ... his coat because it was snowing.
39. Most of the people the police ---- about the robbery ---- anything suspicious in the area.
40. The pupil took the ... and began to write with it.
1. eraser 2. chalk 3. pen
4. pencil 5. penknife 6. penfriend

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