Magistratura 2017, Sınaq – 1

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Magistratura 2017, Sınaq – 1

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I had lunch with Janice Small, ---- son owns the shoe factory in our town.


Choose the correct answers (Open end test)

3. The area is a breeding ground for African penguins, ----.
4. Lamiye won’t become . . . enough because she is . . . girl on her diet than the others.

There was no trademark … the bottle and it seemed too old, so we refused to drink it.

6. She continued to whisper to her classmate ---- the teacher had asked her to be quiet.
7. A bakery is a place ... .

Which piece of advice is good?
Every citizen ... .

9. Həkim xəstəyə günün altında gəzməyə icazə vermir.
10. Match the parts of the sentences.
1. An owl and a black bird … sitting on the tree.
2. Every member of these classes … diligent.
3. All students … prepared their lessons.
a. is     b. are      c. have
d. do    e. has
11. Change the sentence into Passive.

Who founded this city?
12. Choose the logically correct ending.

The tornado struck with such great force …
13. Choose the correct negative sentence.
14. Choose the correct sentence.
15. Make up  a text.

  1. The barber asked him to sit down.

  2. There are boys who consider themselves men and wish to go to a barber’s shop as soon as possible.

  3. He soaped the boy and left him alone.

  4. Once a boy came into a barber’s shop and asked the barber to shave him.

  5. The boy waited for some minutes and then shouted.

  6. “Well, what are you leaving me all this time here for?”

  7. The barber replied: “I am waiting until your beard grows.”

  8. He stood at the door laughing and talking to another barber.

16. Read the text and answer questions 16-20.

The Falklands are a group of small islands in the South Atlantic close to Argentina, with a population of 1,200 British citizens. They have been British territory since 1892. Disputes about who owns the islands go back to the eighteenth century. Argentina has long claimed that these islands, which they call the Malvinas, belong to them. They occupied the islands in April 1982 and the Falklands War lasted until July 1982 when British forces won them back. The Falklands War had an enormous impact on Britain and is still controversial. Some people see it as a restoration of Britain’s old imperial power.

The underlined pronoun “they” refers to … .
17. It is pointed out in the passage that both Britain and Argentina _____.
18. According to the passage, the Falklands War _____.
19. One may conclude from the passage that, even today, Britain’s hold over the Falkland Islands _____.
20. Choose the word from the passage which has the meaning "state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof."
21. Open end tests; 21-25
Choose the correct ones.
The house ... they live in needs repairing.

1. how   2. that   3. what   4. where  5. which

(Open end test) - Choose the correct variant. /  Vahide needn’t … .   


Choose the correct interrogative sentences. (Open end test)

24. Which of the following are correct?
The problem … yet.

1. was settled   2. has been settled   3. hasn’t been settled  4.  has settled  5. hadn’t been settled
25. Choose the correct variant.

I hardly see Gunay … though she’s got enough problems.

1. cheerful 2. delighted 3. gloomy        4. disappointed



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