Magistratura 2017 – 2018,  İngilis Dili SINAQ 2

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Magistratura 2017 – 2018,  İngilis Dili SINAQ 2



Hasan Alisoy.

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1. We had ---- other choice apart from deciding to cease trading, or we would have gone bankrupt.
2. Although Dalton considered atoms to be the ultimate particles of matter, ----.
3. Choose the correct sentence in the Passive Voice.

When did she send for the police?
4. Choose the correct sentences.

  1. My sisters never let their children to play in the yard alone.

  2. Don’t make Samire choose the job she doesn’t like.

  3. The students asked the teacher to change the last homework.

  4. Nobody heard me to come in.

5. ---- who enjoys Turkish music will enjoy this festival, tickets for which can be bought at ---- good music shop.
6. Choose the correct variant.

The doctor… we met at the hospital was very kind to us.

  1. -    2. which  3. whose        4. whom       5. that

7. Müəllimin sualı verdiyi tələbələrdən heç biri yetərli cavab verə bilmədi.
8. I never ---- my temper on purpose, of course, but sometimes I just ----, though I always regret it afterwards.
9. Choose the correct variant.

Gunay asked if she … switch off the TV.
10. Choose the correct variant.

  1. The other half of those spectacles was broken.

  2. Using too many lumps of sugar a day is dangerous for our health.

  3. Other information sources is not so reliable.

  4. There are not many news agencies nearby.

  5. The hotels situated in the city centre is not cheap.

11. Complete the dialogue.

- …

- Yes, of course. Here you are.

- Thank you.
12. Make up a sentence.

  1. as soon as 2. know 3. find it 4. his address 5. let me 6. you

13. Choose the correct variant.

  1. a little dry wood

  2. a few bunches of grapes

  3. a little pieces of news

  4. a few red pain

14. Make up a text.

  1. At last a young man said:

  2. Some people gathered on the verandah after dinner.

  3. “It is very easy.

  4. Nobody could guess.

  5. A young lady asked: “Can you name five days of the week without mentioning Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday?

  6. today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.”

  7. Here are the five days:

15. What is the purpose of the following letter?
Dear Sir or Madam,
Yesterday I travelled on the 720 train from Oxford to London. Not only the train was thirteen minutes late leaving Oxford but also no explanation or
apology was offered. I am writing to complain about the poor service of your train company.
Sincerely, James Blunt
16. Choose the correct variant.

The … of the company was a direct … of bad management.

  1. failure, result

  2. prosperity, cause

  3. success, cause

  4.  loss, result

17. Can you tell me where ---- the customer record cards please?
18. Selminaz had ….that she couldn’t carry it.
20. Innocent people deserve ---- from the gunmen and thieves in the area.
21. From the mid-fifteenth century on, most of Europe had enjoyed steady economic growth, and the discovery of the New World seemed the basis of greater prosperity to come. By the middle of the sixteenth century, however, the situation changed. Nothing like the upward price trend that affected Western Europe in the second half of the sixteenth century had ever happened before. Since Europe’s population began to grow vastly and the food supply remained constant, food prices were driven sharply higher by the increased demand. At the same time, wages stagnated or even declined. On the other hand, the enormous influx of silver from Spanish America into Europe, where much of it was minted into coins, caused a dramatic increase in the volume of money in circulation. This, of course, fuelled the spiral of rising prices.

The main aim of the passage is to present ----.
22. It is understood from the passage that ----.
23. Upon reading the passage, one can say that ----.
24. One can infer from the passage that, in the second half of the sixteenth century, the people of Europe realized that ----.
25. What is the meaning of "the state of being prosperous".

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