Magistratura 2017 – 2018, İngilis Dili SINAQ 3

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Magistratura 2017 – 2018, İngilis Dili SINAQ 3



Hasan Alisoy.

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1. Always turn your television off ______.
2. She was not listening while ______.
3. She opened her mouth so the doctor could look ______ her throat.
4. What can you buy _____ a half dollar?
5. I’m looking forward to _____ you next summer.
6. . - ___ is your daughter?
- ___ is an English teacher.
7. Summer in ___ place is much cooler than in ___ .
8. When he ___ home I ___ him the book.
9. ... and ... pupils can’t be successful at all.
10. We ___ for a walk if the weather___ fine.
11. Which is ___ country in the UK?
12. His mother was against his ___ football.
13. This year a very beautiful theatre ___ in our city.
14. He wanted to know ___ .
15. The father wondered ___ .
16. Choose the correct interrogative sentences.

  1. How much this equipment costs?

  2. What costs much?

  3. How much does this equipment cost?

  4. What does cost much?

17. Choose the correct translation.

Qiymətdə fərq elə kiçikdir ki, bu haqda mübahisə etməyə dəyməz.
18. Choose the correct variant.
– How long have you been here?
– …
19. The guide would like the tourists to see the centre of the city.
20. He drove so fast _____ .
21. Like so many other materials in Japan, paper too has come in for many hundreds of years of artistic consideration. At one period of the country’s history, the paper on which a poem was written was as important as the, poem itself. A thousand years ago there were whole towns actively engaged
in making paper. Such towns still exist, but there were also many farming villages which then, as they do today, made paper to earn extra income during the winter. At present, about half of Japan’s farmers must add to their incomes with winter jobs. Although a large amount of winter employment is provided by construction companies, some farmers continue to work at such cottage industries as paper-making.

It is obvious from the passage that the art of a paper-making in Japan _____.
22. The passage emphasizes that approximately fifty per cent of the farming population in Japan _____.
23. It is suggested that paper-making _____.
24. have objective reality or being, live, especially under adverse conditions.
25. supply sufficient money to ensure the maintenance of (someone).

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