Magistratura 2017 – 2018, İngilis Dili SINAQ 4

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Magistratura 2017 – 2018, İngilis Dili SINAQ 4



Hasan Alisoy.

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1. Have you read ...?
2. Bayram knows ... .
1. who did he want to speak to
2. what we want to speak about
3. that you want to speak to him
4. who they want to speak
3. There was… the soup, so we had to add some.
4. Which of the following are correct

  1. so many mulberry trees

  2. such tasty orange juice

  3. such a lot of tragic news

  4. such a fantastic story

  5. so many pieces of information

  6. so many police officer

  7. so much traffic policemen

5. Choose the correct variant.

  1. so much useful work

  2. so many bottles of medicine

  3. so many barrels of oil

  4. so much interesting details

  5. so much children's stories

  6. so much pairs of gloves

  7. such much cocktails

  8. so many invitation cards

6. Choose the correct variant.

  1. such much news

  2. a little tubes of toothpaste

  3. such a lot of news

  4. a pair of shoes

  5. pair of shoes

  6. a few pieces of soap

  7. a few glue

  8. a little face powder

  9. an hour and a half

7. Choose the correct variant.

  1. Teymur's and Ali's hands

  2. Teymur's and Ali's hand

  3. Teymur's and Ali's  fatter

  4. Teymur's and Ali's hair

  5. Teymur's and Ali car

8. She can... play the guitar … sing folk songs very well.
9. No sooner he ___ than he ___ ill.
10. I ___ my homework by 6 o’clock yesterday and when my mother came home I ___ supper.
11. A bakery is a place ... .
12. Here ___ your keys. The boy ___ you up to your rooms and your luggage ___ up straight away.
13. You ___ do this work yourself, if you try.
14. “Never put off till tomorrow what you ___ do today.”
15. “My mind is in a fog”, means “...”.
16. -Must I do this exercise too?
-No, you ___ . It isn’t necessary.
17. If you get lost in an unknown city, you have to ... .
18. You ---- the dogs in; otherwise, they ---- frightened when the fireworks go off.
19. l will agree to you handling the sale of my house ----.
20. Choose the correct negative sentences.
1. He hadn’t to wait any more.
2. He hadn’t had breakfast before he came here.
3. We never read or spoke French.
4. He had no father nor mother.
21. Could you pass me a scone, please?
22. Shall I read Text-1?
23. How long had you been there before you met your friends?
24. It's a nice day today, isn't it?
25. Where is the conversation taking place?
- Is the manager in?
- Yes, he is, but I'm sorry he can't receive you right now; he is
speaking with the director.

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