MAGİSTRATURA 2017  SINAQ – 9  (2017-2018)

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MAGİSTRATURA 2017  SINAQ – 9  (2017-2018)




Hasan Alisoy.

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1. We’ve neither been ___ the theatre, nor ___ the cinema ___ a long time.
2. Choose the correct sentence in the Passive Voice.

When did she send for the police?
3. Who ___ to see me last week?
4. Choose the correct sentences.

  1. My neighbours never let their children to go out alone.

  2. Don’t make Sally choose the job she doesn’t like.

  3. The students asked the lecturer to repeat the last sentence.

  4. Nobody heard them to come in.

5. Complete the sentence.

- He is wearing clothes. Do you like … ?

- Yes, I do. … look nice.
6. Choose the correct variant.

The woman … we met at the airport was very kind to us.

  1. -      2. which     3. whose        4. whom       5. that

7. They have to ask somebody else to help them, ___?
8. Choose the correct tense form.

As soon as the Browns … a new house, they … out of the old one.

  1. bought, moved

  2.  buy, will move

  3. have bought, moved

  4.  will buy, move

9. Choose the correct variant.

Aygun asked if she … switch off the TV.
10. Choose the correct translation.

Misir ehramlarının açılmayan sirrləri dünya arxeoloqlarını hələ də narahat edir.

  1. A) The Egypt pyramids also worry world’s archaeologists because of their mysteries.

  2. B) The undiscovered mysteries of Egypt pyramids still worry the world’s archaeologists.

  3. C) The ancient pyramids in Egypt keep unknown secrets for the world’s scientists.

  4. D) The undiscovered pyramids in Egypt still interest the world’s scientists.

  5. E) There are still unknown secrets of Egypt pyramids which worry world’s archaeologists.

11. Choose the correct variant.

  1. The other half of those spectacles was broken.

  2. Using too many lumps of sugar a day is dangerous for our health.

  3. Other information sources is not so reliable.

  4. There are not many news agencies nearby.

  5. The hotels situated in the city centre is not cheap.

12. Complete the dialogue.

- …

- Yes, of course. Here you are.

- Thank you.
13. I had to sign for this letter because it came in ________ envelope.
14. If your handbag has been stolen, you must ________ it to the police immediately.
15. Make up a sentence.

  1. as soon as    2. know     3. find it     4. his address    5. let me     6. you

16. Choose the correct variant.

I need … .
17. Make up a text.

  1. At last a young man said:

  2. Some people gathered on the verandah after dinner.

  3. “It is very easy.

  4. Nobody could guess.

  5. A young lady asked: “Can you name five days of the week without mentioning Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday?

  6. today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.”

  7. Here are the five days:

18. A company invites sales managers for a full-time job. The following personal qualities are required: fluent English, necessary experience, possibility to travel to different countries. Candidates should be present for selection on Saturday from 10 till 1 p.m. Call at 561 3215

What is the purpose of the advertisement?
19. Choose the logically correct endings.

I think John is quite upset because he …

  1. is in a very good mood.

  2. has had an angry argument with his boss.

  3. has been unemployed for a long time.

  4. looks cheerful.

20. Could you pass me a scone, please?
21. Read the passage and answer questions 21-25

  There is one type of person who tries to do very little and get as much as possible. His opposite does more than necessary and accepts only what is offered. The man who avoids efforts thinks that society must give him a pleasant life. His opposite feels that he is in debt to society. The first type doesn’t want to do anything, that’s why he is always full of excuses. At first people accept them, but soon they realize what kind of person he is. He thinks he is unjustly treated and blames everyone except himself. So if you need help, don’t go to the first type, go to the busiest man you know. If what you want is really important, he will make time for it.

  Both these types are unconscious of their character, but if you can distinguish one from the other, it will help you in business and life in general.


21 - Choose the correct statement or statements according to the passage.

  1. The man who avoids his duties blames himself when something goes wrong.

  2. The busiest man you know will make time to help you.

  3. The man who does more than necessary thinks that he is not obliged to society.

22. Which is the main idea of the passage?

  1. A) There are two character types the knowledge of which can help you in business and real life situations.

  2. B) If people are unjustly treated, they should blame everyone except themselves.

  3. C) The two types are unconscious of their character and it is not important to differ one from the other.

  4. D) The man who is full of excuses never blames anyone.

  5. E) If you need help in business, go to the one who tries to avoid his duties.

23. Which verb from the passage means “to recognize the difference between two people or things”?
24. The underlined pronoun them refers to … .
25. Which questions have no answer in the passage?

  1. Which type of person is common in every society?

  2. Why is it important to distinguish one type from the other?

  3. Why is the first type always full of excuses?

  4. What kind of excuses does the first type make?


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