Program 40, Quiz 4, Noun, Pronoun, Subjunctive Mood

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  • QUIZ 7 - 2019 
  • 25 SUAL 25 DƏQİQƏ
1. Choose the wrong statement.
2.  (Open end test) Choose the productive adjective forming suffixes;   
3. The stative adjectives which denote physical states of persons
4. Choose the Present Subjunctive. (Open end test)
5. Choose the correct answer; Ted and Nick looked for .... dog for a long time. They found a little one but it wasn’t ... .
6. Pronouns which are used to introduce subject, predicative, object clauses.
7. Next year famous Mr. Toscanini came to the town to see Mr. Smith again. But ___ couldn’t find ___ .
8. Find the meaning of the given word. Athirst
9. Choose the wrong answer
10. Choose the Present subjunctive (Open end test)
11. Pronouns which are used to introduce attributive clause.

Present Subjunctive

13. Choose the Past subjunctive. (Open end test)
14. it, this, these, that, those, same, such
15. Choose the Past Subjunctive. (Open end test)

Pronouns which point out an object.

17. Pronouns which are used to form special questions.
18. Choose the closest meaning to the underlined word.  Students must restrain their urge to talk during the lectures.
19. Find the meaning of the given word. Aware
20. Choose unproductive Noun forming suffixes ; 1.-ment,       2. -ance,       3. -ess,          4. -ence,   5. –ism, 6. – er,         7.-ty,         8.-ity
21. Choose the correct answer; Are the streets of London ___ or ___ than the streets of Baku?
22. who (whom), whose, which, what
23. They tiptoed up the stairs _______ wake the children.

Semantically prepositions divide into these subgroups.  <<<   1. General    2. Notional    3. Simple    4.Special   5. Composite >>>


Atilla is unlike ...of …parents.  …is very different from …of them.

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