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  • PROGRAM 40 
  • QUIZ NR 6
1. This linguist thinks that prepositions are adverbs
2. --- the infinitive is in predicate relation to a noun or pronoun preceded by the preposition 'for'.
3. Some of the workers ---- the peaches while the others ---- them in wooden boxes.
4. This linguist - think against Smernitsky. They say prepositions have form and content.
5. It is important that you _______ honest.

According to him/her there are 4 groups morphemes - TESTS BY HASAN ALISOY

1- Lexical
3-Lexico Grammatical
4-Lexicogrammatical word morphemes

7. .--- represents an action as contrary to reality. It refers the action to the present or a future.

Choose the correct statements.- Tests- By Program 40 Teacher Hasan Alisoy


Choose the Modal Expressions.  Open end tests - By Program 40 Teacher Hasan Alisoy

10. --- is a verbal which has nominal and verbal properties.

Choose the correct statements. - TESTS BY HASAN ALISOY - PROGRAM 40 MASTER


Which are not the main features of prepositions? Open end test - By Program 40 Teacher Hasan Alisoy

13. She ---- interested in health ever since she was a young girl and now that the medical college ---- her as a student, it seems that she will be able to work in the medical field.
14. Choose the correct one.

  1. Indicative Mood - shows that the action or state denoted by the verb is presented as a fact.

  2. .Indicative Mood- is also used to express a real condition, the realization of which is considered possible.

  3. Imperative Mood - denote a command or request.

  4. Oblique Mood - denote and action or state expressed by the verb as a non-fact, something imaginary or desired necessary, possible, supposed or contradicting reality.


Which Tense forms has no Passive forms?  Open end tests - By Program 40 Teacher Hasan Alisoy

16. -- - is a morphological unit in which the participle is in predicate relation to a noun in the common case or a pronoun in the nominative case.
17. --- consist of an infinitive and the subject expressed by a noun in the common or a pronoun in the nominative case.
18. Which is not one of the main features for the preposition
19. Match the sentences.

  1. Imperative Mood

  2. Indicative Mood

  3. Present Subjunctive

  4.  Past Subjunctive


a- If the weather be stormy tomorrow, the children will stay at home.

b- Success attend you.

c- I wish it were winter now

d- Stop talking.

e- If it rains, we shall play football.
20. --- is a verbal having adjectival, adverbial and verbal features.
22. The doctor recommended that I _______ weight.
23. Over the recent years alcoholism ---- a leading cause of death in the young adult population in the USA. This statistic ---- deaths from drunken driving and fires started by carelessly dropped cigarettes.

25. Elnur ---- with us tonight as he ---- an appointment with the dentist.

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