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Welcome to your PROGRAM 40 - TEST 7

1. Choose the wrong one.
2. These Pronouns may be made emphatic by adding ever.
3. --- represents the action contrary to reality, refers the action only to the past.

Which forms of the mood are Simple.


-- is used to represent an action as problematic, but not as contradicting reality. Refers to Present or Future.

6. I wish I were a president of the USA.
7. --- denote and action or state expressed by the verb as a non-fact, something imaginary or desired necessary, possible, supposed or contradicting reality.
8. Define the underlined word.

I knew she would visit me.

Semantically prepositions divide into these subgroups. open end test


These two are against the saying “prepositions are adverbs” and they claim prepositions have form and content.  open end test

11. - - -the particle 'to' is separated from the infinitive by an adverb.
12. He wants that the children be at home.
13. Mother insisted that I should consult a doctor.
14. If the classroom ----- with an overhead projector, it----- lessons more interesting.
15. Choose the wrong one.
16. _______ because he got bored so easily.
17. I wish I knew where he is.
18. --- mainly used in the principal clause of a complex sentence with a subordinate clause of unreal condition, where the verb is in the Past Subjunctive.
19. Identify what mood it is.

I wish you had known English.
20. Ahmed must talk to the teacher. It is urgent. It is urgent that he _______ to the teacher.
21. The Boss requested of the workers that they work longer.

I wish I ----- with you longer, but unfortunately, I have a lecture at four o’clock.   (Go to the exam with Hasan Alisoy)

23. Reflexive Pronouns
24. - represents an action as contrary to reality. It refers the action to the present or a future.

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