adjective – adverb – noun clauses tests PART 1

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1. I don’t know _______ to telephone.
A) whom did Tom want      B) why was Tom going
C) when is Tom       D) who Tom was going

2. No one seemed to know _______.
A) why was he angry
B) which party has won
C) when the festival was due to start
D) what is his latest decision

3. “Why don’t we go out for dinner?” His wife suggested that _______.
A) they would go out for dinner
B) they should go out for dinner
C) we will go out for dinner
D) we’d like to go out for dinner

4. “Oh dear! It looks as if it is going to rain again.” Mother was afraid that _______.
A) it was raining again           B) it was going to rain
C) it is going to rain again     D) it looked like rain again

5. “Fantastic! I’ve actually passed my exam!” exclaimed Janet. Janet
was delighted to find that _______ 세라토 디제이.
A) I’d passed my exam         B) I’ve passed my exam
C) she’s passed her exam       D) she’d passed her exam

6. I doubt ______ anybody knows how to solve the housing problem in Turkey.
A) whether B) which C) why D) what

7. It is important that you _______ late.
A) don’t be B) won’t be C) not to be D) not be

8. The doctor recommended that she _______ in bed for a few days.
A) will stay B) stay C) would stay D) to stay

9. The bank manager suggested that I ______ again the following year.
A) should apply B) applied C) to apply D) would apply

10 Putty pscp. _______ is still uncertain.
A) Why did they lose the match     B) He is really guilty
C) When will they come      D) Who first reported the fire

11. The accused pretended that he _______ the lawyer’s question.
A) didn’t understand B) hasn’t understood
C) doesn’t understand D) wouldn’t understand

12. His doctor recommended that he ______ taking sleeping pills for a while.
A) would try B) should try C) tries D) tried

13. _______ next was lost in the general uproar.
A) What the speaker said B) That the speaker said
C) What did the speaker say D) The speaker said that

14. _______ is where you get all your energy from.
A) It amazes me B) That amazes me
C) What amazes me D) That amazed me

15 타이젬 대국실. _______ me to do is out of question.
A) What you are asking      B) How you are asking
C) That you ask               D) That you asked

16. No one doubted _______ sincere in his beliefs.
A) what he was B) that he was
C) why was he D) that he is

17. He didn’t even apologize. This made her really angry. _______ he didn’t even apologize made her really angry.
A) Why B) What C) The fact that D) The reason

18. _______ made her angry was the fact that her husband had forgotten her birthday.
A) Why B) The fact that C) What D) The thing

19. On entering the restaurant, I immediately realized _____ so popular.
A) why was it           B) how is it
C) the fact that was      D) why it was

20 Watch movie. Where the pilot finally managed to land _______.
A) is not known      B) nobody knows;
C) we don’t know     D) nobody knew

21. Teachers have found the overhead projector to be invaluable as a
teaching aid.
Teachers have found that the overhead projector _____.
A) to be invaluable as a teaching aid
B) is invaluable as a teaching aid
C) was invaluable as a teaching aid
D) invaluable as a teaching aid

22. The law requires that all cars _______ regularly tested for safety and efficiency.
A) should be B) to be C) were to be D) have to be

23. I assured him that he _______ pneumonia.
A) should get B) would get C) get D) gets

24 source han sans korean 다운로드. He began to realize that he _______ mistake.
A) is making B) has made C) had made D) will make

25. The Prime minister warned that higher wages _____ higher prices.
A) would mean B) will mean C) mean D) to mean

26. Many people considered it to be cruel to send animals in rockets into outer space.
Many people consider that _______ cruel to send animals in rockets into further space.
A) to be B) it to be C) it is D) it was

27. The Prime Minister clearly suspects his party to have little chance of winning the next election.
The Prime Minister clearly suspects that his party _______ little chance of winning the next election download fmod.
A) to have B) has C) would have D) had

28. The witness later disclosed the evidence to have been destroyed.
The witness later disclosed that the evidence _______.
A) to be destroyed B) had been destroyed
C) has been destroyed D) would be destroyed

29. Researches have now proved that earlier theories _______ incorrect.
A) were B) had been C) to have been D) to be

30. “May I have my letters addressed in care of your office?” asked Mr. Taylor.
Mr. Taylor asked if ______ letters addressed in care of ______ office 사랑비.
A) he may have his / my B) I might have my / your
C) he may have his / his D) he might have his / my

31. The doctor says, “The moisture in the air might affect your breathing.” He thinks that the moisture in the air _______.
A) might affect my breathing B) might affect your breathing
C) would affect my breathing D) may affect your breathing

32. “I’d love to come.” she said. She said _______ to come.
A) she’d liked B) I’d like C) she’d like D) I’d liked

33. “Which of these films have you seen?” My friend asked me which of the films _______.
A) have I seen B) I had seen C) you had seen D) have you seen

34. “Whom did you see at the concert last night?” She asked us whom _______ the other night.
A) I’d seen B) we’d seen C) we saw D) I saw

35 Ms Office 2013 Hangul. They asked, “Is the work going to be easy?” They wondered if _____.
A) was work going to be easy B) the work is going to be easy
C) the work was easy D) the work was going to be easy

36. He asked “Have you read The old Man and the Sea, Ted?” He wanted
to know if _______ The old Man and the Sea.
A) I’d read B) he’d read C) I have read D) he has read

37. “Please give me a pain killer.” the patient said.
The patient begged the nurse _______ a pain killer.
A) to give her B) she would give her
C) she would give me D) to give me

38 페르소나5. “Don’t eat those cherries, they are poisonous,” said David. David
_______ not to eat those cherries because they were poisonous.
A) didn’t want me B) said to me that
C) warned me D) suggested that

39. “Did she agree with me?” He wondered if _______.
A) she’d agreed with he B) she agreed with him
C) she’d agreed with him D) she’d agree with him


40. I wanted to know why no one _______.
A) had come B) hadn’t come C) has come D) hasn’t come

41. Everybody said, “We’re glad the danger is over.”
Everybody said that _______.
A) he was glad the danger was over
B) they are glad the danger is over
C) they were glad the danger was over
D) he is glad the danger is over

42 Go out and download yes. _______ was to have dinner after the meeting.
A) What we are to do B) Which we needed
C) What I wanted to do D) Why he comes

43. I recommended that the patient _______ on as soon as possible.
A) is operated B) operated
C) would be operated D) be operated

44. George told me that _______ with his roommate next semester.
A) he’d rather not live B) he wouldn’t have lived
C) he won’t live D) he hadn’t lived

45. “I’ll hit you!” _______ to hit me.
A) He suggested B) He threatened
C) He promised D) He offered

46. “Would you like to come to my party?” He invited her _______.
A) she’d like to come to his party
B) she’d like to come to my party
C) if she’d come to his party
D) to come to his party

47. I didn’t hear _______ because there was so much noise where I was sitting.
A) what was he saying B) what he has said
C) what did he say D) what he said

48. I had hoped _______ my letter.
A) that she answer B) she answers
C) that she would answer D) she will answer

49. I have no idea _______.
A) what does this word mean B) why he has left
C) when will he arrive D) how was he killed

50. “Let’s go to the cinema this evening,” she said.
She suggested that they _______ to the cinema that evening.
A) should go B) would go C) will go D) had gone



CAVABLAR   –  adjective – adverb – noun clauses tests PART 1

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