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  1. Ablaze – ~burning fiercely, ~in a blaze, ~on fire (пылающий, сверкающий)
  2. Adrift – ~floating at random, ~in drifting condition, ~(of a seaman) absent from his watch, ~behind one’s oppenents, or below a required threshold in terms of score, number of position
  3. Afire – ~on fire
  4. Aflame – ~in flames, ~on fire, ~flaming, ~with flames coming from it, ~showing anger or contempt
  5. Afloat – ~floating, ~out at sea, ~making successful progress under one’s own steam
  6. Afoot – ~on foot, ~walking, ~support of the body, ~standing, ~in motion, in action, astir, in progress
  7. Aghast – ~terrified, ~struck with amazement, ~showing signs of terror or horror
  8. Aglow – ~glowing, ~radiant, ~full of praise
  9. Agog – ~wide open, ~in eager, ~desire, ~excitet
  10. Ahead – ~in or to the front, ~in advance, ~onward, ~having progressed more, ~in the direction one is facing or moving, ~in the future, ~preceding
  11. Akin – ~of the same kin, ~related by blood, ~allied by nature, ~similar, ~partaking of the same properties, ~of the same kind
  12. Ajar – ~slightly turned or opened, ~being at variance or in contradiction to something
  13. Alight – ~to make light or less heavy, ~lighten, ~alleviate, ~to spring down, ~get down, ~descend, ~as form on horseback or form a carriage, ~to dismount, ~to descend and settle, lodge, rest or stop
  14. Aloof – ~at or from a distance, but within view, or at a small distance, ~apart, ~away
  15. Amiss – ~wrong, ~faulty, ~out of order, ~improper, ~it may not be amiss to ask advice
  16. Askew – ~turned or twisted to one side, ~untoward, ~unfavourable
  17. Aslant – ~at a slant, ~diagonally over, ~across (carpaz)
  18. Aslope – ~slanted or sloping, ~placed at an angle (maili veziyyetde)
  19. Astir – ~in motion, ~characterized by motion
  20. Astray – ~in a wrong or unknown and wrongly-motivated direction
  21. Athirst – ~thirsty, ~eager or extremely desirous for something
  22. Awake – ~not asleep, ~conscious, ~alert, ~aware, ~lucid
  23. Aware – ~vigilant or on one’s guard against danger or difficulty, ~wary, ~watchful, ~sensitive, ~apprised, ~informed, ~cognizant, ~mindful
  24. Awry – ~obliquely 버스커버스커 첫사랑 다운로드. ~crookedly, ~askew, ~perversely, ~improperly
  25. Atwist – ~twisted, ~distorted, ~awry
  26. Ashudder – ~in a shivering motion, ~shiver of fear
  27. Agleam – ~glowing with subdued light, ~full of praise, ~brilliant, ~sparkling 장기하와 얼굴들 5집.
  28. Asleep – ~in a state of sleep, ~resting, ~inattentive, ~having a numb or princkling sensation accompanied by a degree of unresponsiveness, ~dead

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