Author: Hasan Alisoy

Participle as an adverbial modifier

Participle I as an adverbial modifier № Adverbial Modifier Questions Conjunctions/particles Examples 1 Of time When? conjunctions: ·        while ·        when ·  While waiting for the water to boil, Kate warmed her hands over the kettle. ·  Mind your English when speaking to the professor. ·  When laughing she half closed her eyes and a dimple danced on her cheek. ·  That being understood, the conference was over. ·  We strolled back to the camp, it being then about twenty minutes to six. (old fashioned) 2 Of reason (cause) Why? For what reason? ·  Being extremely tired, Isabelle ignored all the questions and went to bed. ·  Still hoping to catch the train, Boris took a taxi to the station. ·  Having made her mind on this question,
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