English grammar 10 qeustion quiz, Modal verbs

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008;    ---- lending me $20 so that I don't have to give the taxi a $100 dollar note?

2. 0022; I only had a brief chat with Mary at the bus stop, so I---- to ask her how she ---- on in her new job.
3. 0014. A: What’s happened to Mr. Meyer?
B: He’s ill in hospital. They ---- keep him in overnight, and if they do, he ---- travel back to Germany tomorrow morning.
4. 0017;  ---- I ask you a favour? ---- you work on Thursday night this week instead of Friday night?
5. 0024; Our father ---- a small present for me and my sister every month when he ---- his salary.
6. 0021; We ---- get a visa before we ---- go to Bulgaria.

006;  Amin: Are you going to enroll on the second course when we finish this one?     Bilal: I don’t know. It’s tiring coming every day after work. I ---- a month before I start the second course.

8. 0012; Oh dear, my fruit cake is a little too sweet. I ---- the amount of sugar I add to the mixture next time.  xaricidil.com

001; The company had sent the advertisement to the newspaper when they realised they’d mistyped the salary they were offering for the position. Luckily, they ---- the newspaper to correct their mistake before they printed it.

10. 0019; ---- you take this screwdriver back to Mr. Ali next door and thank him for lending it to us?

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