Literature Periods and Movements Nr 1 (2018-03-27) 25

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  • Welcome to your Literature Periods 1 (2018-03-27) 25 sual
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  • Question Nr 0018:  (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)    Some of the characters in — are Wife of Bath, the poor Parson, the Miller, the Prioress, the Monk, the Summoner and the Friar.

  • Choose the correct literary work to fill in the gap.


Question Nr 002: During —, medieval tradition was blended with Renaissance optimism. Lyric poetry, prose, and drama were the major styles of literature that appeared during this period. Some important writers of this period include William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Edmund Spenser, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Ben Jonson.     Choose the alternative that best completes the given paragraph.    (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)


  • Question Nr 0022: John Gay, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Gray, William Collins, Christopher Smart and William Cowper produced works in the — Period.

  • Choose the correct option to fill in the gap.

  • (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)


Question Nr 004: Choose the alternative that best completes the given sentence. -  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Dream of the Rood and William Langland’s Piers Plowman are famous examples of the —.   (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)

5. Question Nr 0025:  He wrote supernatural poems and conversation poems such as "Frost at Midnight" and This Lime Tree Bower My Prison".  “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", which tells the parable of a seaman's crime against nature, and “Christabel", which is the tale of a witch entering the life of beautiful Christabel and inhabiting her lover’s body, are the supernatural poems of the author. What is the name of the literary figure described above?  (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)

Question Nr 0013: The chief surviving monument of Old English Literature is considered to be Beowulf. Beowulf tells the story of a monster named Grendel, who rides into Hrotghar's court and kills some of his warriors and Beowulf, who is summoned to kill the monster.   It was written by — .        Choose the best option to complete the given blank. (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)


  • Question Nr 0021: “Deor's Lament", "The Wife’s Lament" and "The Seafarer" were the key poems of — Period

  • What is the literary period, In which the listed poems were produced?  (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)


Question Nr 006: Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, T.S, Eliot, George Orwell and Jeanette Winterson are the writers of the —.    Choose the best option to complete the given sentence.    (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)


Question Nr 0016: Which of the following are the Edwardian, the Georgian, the Modern and the Postmodern Periods involved in? (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy)


Question 007: The is also known as Iho Puritan Interregnum of English Literature. It consists of the literature produced during the lime of Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell. This period includos the political writings of John Milton. Thomas Hobbes' political treatise Leviathan, and the prose of Andrew Marvell.   Choose the best option to complete the given blank.   (Tests written By Hasan Alisoy) 

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