Literature Periods and Movements Nr 2 (2018-03-27) 25

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Q -007: “Prufrock and Other Observations", “The Waste Land”, “The Hollow Men” and “Ash Wednesday" are some of the popular poems written by —.   Choose the correct option to complete the given statement.  <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>


Q - 004 : Edward Bulwer Lytton’s The Last Days of Pompeii, Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities and Thackeray's The History of Henry Esmond are the major historical novels written in — Period.   Choose the correct option to complete the statement.  <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>


  • Q - 0017: <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>

  • His novels focus mainly on the struggle of the individual against the forces that govern the world.

  • He is known for his dark life view and his tragic endings in the novels.

  • His most popular novels are “Far From the Madding Crowd”, "The Return of the Native”, “The Mayor of Casterbridge", “Tess of the D’urbervilles”, and "Jude the Obscure”.

  • Who is the literary figure described above?

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Q - 009: Choose the best alternative that completes the given sentence. - The Restoration, the Augustan Age, and the Age of Sensibility are involved in — Period. <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>


Q - 006: A group of poets who were influenced by Hopkins, Eliot and Owen published their works in a volume together and called themselves the “New Signatures".   In which period of British Literature did the New Signatures poets appear?  <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>


Q - 0023: Which of the followings is true about coffee houses? <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>


Q - 0020: Following World War II, the — of British Literature developed which bleneded literary genres and styles and tried to break free of modernist forms. <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>


  • Q - 0022: <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>

  • The author does not employ a traditional plot and conventional characters in novels.

  • Jacob's Room, Mrs Dalloway, To The

  • Lighthouse, Orlando, The Waves and Flash are the most popular novels of the author.

  •  The author focuses on the inner worlds of individuals and the complexities of personal relationships in novels and uses "stream of consciousness".

  • Who is the literary figure of British Literature described above?


Q - 0016: <Questions written by Hasan Alisoy>   Matthew Arnold, John Ruskin and Walter Pater are among the major critics of the — Period.

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