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0022; In the table below, Shakespeare's works and their protagonists are matched. Which match is net correct?

2. 0041;Choose the best option to complete the given blank.   The -— of English literature was affected by contemporary French literature, which was in the midst of its greatest age. The literature of this time is famous
for its use of philosophy, reason, skepticism, wit, and refinement. This is also the period that marks the first great age of English literary criticism.
3. 0026; Which of the following statements is not a feature of the Old English Period?

0029; “Deor's Lament", "The Wife’s Lament" and "The Seafarer" were the key poems of — Period;  What is the literary period, In which the listed poems were produced?

5. 0065; Which doesn't belong to Byron?
6. 0056; Which was not written by Walter Scott?
7. 007; One is not true about Percy Bysshe Shelley
8. 46; Rank the works written by Daniel Defoe from beginning to the end  a. Pillory  b. Colonel Jack  c. Robinson Crusoe  d. Essay on Projects
9. 0015; Which are not Shakespeare’s tragedies?
10. 0060; Which was not written by Percy Byshe Shelley?
11. 0044; Which of the given below wasn’t written by Alexander Pope?
12. 0025; What is the name of the literary figure described above?  He wrote supernatural poems and conversation poems such as "Frost at Midnight" and This Lime Tree Bower My Prison".    “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", which tells the parable of a seaman's crime against nature, and “Christabel", which is the tale of a witch entering the life of beautiful Christabel and inhabiting her lover’s body, are the supernatural poems of the author.
13. 0055; Which was not written by Walter Scott?

0010; One of the given doesn’t belong to the Renaissance


0034; One was not written by Byron

16. 0063; Which was not written by Percy Byshe Shelley?

0017; Falstaff deludes himself into thinking that Mistress Page and Mistress Ford are in love with him, and writes identical love letters to them. The ladies find out the truth about Falstaff and make sport of him.

18. 0036;   What is the name of the literary work described below?  It is one of the great works of medieval literature.   It is a narrative poem which is intended to highlight the virtues of chivalry and knighthood.   It is attributed to Pearl Poet.

0028; One of the given belong to Robert Burns


0011; One of the given doesn’t belong to the Romantıc Period


002; Which doesnt belong to Byron’s London period works?

22. 0045; Which is wrong about Robert Burns?

0030;  John Gay, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Gray, William Collins, Christopher Smart and William Cowper produced works in the — Period.  Choose the correct option to fill in the gap.


0024; “An Essay on Criticism” , “The Rape of the Lock”, “The Dunciad”, “Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot” and “Essay on Man” were written by —.


0032; Which of the following authors produced works in the 20th century?

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