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1. 0014; It is based on the Latin comedy, The Twins, by Plautus. It is a tale of twin brothers and twin slaves get mistaken for each other. Aegeon tries to reunite his family long seperated by a storm at sea. (William Shakespeare)
2. 008; Which is correct about the Revolutionary Romanticists?
3. 0050; Choose the wrong pair

0021; In the table below, Shakespeare's works and their protagonists are matched.  Which match is correct? 


0038;   Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, T.S, Eliot, George Orwell and Jeanette Winterson are the writers of the —.  Choose the best option to complete the given sentence.


0030;  John Gay, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Gray, William Collins, Christopher Smart and William Cowper produced works in the — Period.  Choose the correct option to fill in the gap.


0032; Which of the following authors produced works in the 20th century?

8. 0058; Which was not written by Walter Scott?
9. 0043; Choose the wrong statement

0028; One of the given belong to Robert Burns


002; Which doesnt belong to Byron’s London period works?

12. 0066; Which doesn't belong to Byron?
13. 46; Rank the works written by Daniel Defoe from beginning to the end  a. Pillory  b. Colonel Jack  c. Robinson Crusoe  d. Essay on Projects
14. 0047. Which was written by Jonathan Swift?
15. 0057; Which was not written by Walter Scott?
16. 0070; Which of the given belongs to Byron?

001; George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) was born in... .


0017; Falstaff deludes himself into thinking that Mistress Page and Mistress Ford are in love with him, and writes identical love letters to them. The ladies find out the truth about Falstaff and make sport of him.

19. 007; One is not true about Percy Bysshe Shelley
20. 0065; Which doesn't belong to Byron?

0033;  One was not written by Byron

22. 0048. Who is the author of the above given story which story is this? He is the story of an Englishman who travels abroad. He is trying to increase his wealth by trade. He is born in a well-to-do family and receives a good education. He spends 28 years on a desert island, and the most famous part of the book concerns this time in his life.

0039;  The is also known as Iho Puritan Interregnum of English Literature. It consists of the literature produced during the lime of Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell. This period includos the political writings of John Milton. Thomas Hobbes' political treatise Leviathan, and the prose of Andrew Marvell.  Choose the best option to complete the given blank.

24. 0025; What is the name of the literary figure described above?  He wrote supernatural poems and conversation poems such as "Frost at Midnight" and This Lime Tree Bower My Prison".    “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", which tells the parable of a seaman's crime against nature, and “Christabel", which is the tale of a witch entering the life of beautiful Christabel and inhabiting her lover’s body, are the supernatural poems of the author.
25. 0056; Which was not written by Walter Scott?

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