Qəbul formatında ingilis dili sınaq, 2018, N11

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001; Choose the correct interrogative sentences. (Open end test)

  • 002;  What is the purpose of the letter?

  •               Dear Clara,

  •     Thanks again for the wonderful weekend in Chicago! The children and I really enjoyed our visit there. We think you are a perfect hostess.

  •                                                                  Love, Laura.

005; People who work as firemen … be brave as their job is very difficult.

006;  (Open end test) Complete the sentence.  / I want to know …

007; Choose the correct sentences. (Open end test)

008;  We had a wonderful time … the party … Saturday night.

  • 009; How many words can be used in the sentence?

  • You can … the train.

  • catch,  fly,  miss,  get on,  get off

0010;  Choose the correct variant. (Open end test)

11;  The teacher … the whole speech by heart.  (Open end test)

12;  The umbrellas and coats … in the cloakroom a few hours ago. 

0013;  Jane couldn’t answer the teacher’s questions … she had studied a lot.

0014;  I’m very … as you have done nothing to help me.  (Open end test)

0016;  Azərbaycanın meşələri kiçik bir ərazini əhatə etməsinə baxmayaraq, nadir ağac və kollarla zəngindir.

0017;   I liked three suits, but couldn’t buy … of them because of their high price.

0018;  They have discussed the matter.

  • - Bill doesn’t want to have a walk before going to bed.

  • - … How bad!

  • Read the passage and answer  questions 21-25.

  •      A seeing-eye dog is chosen for a special job. It sees for a person who is blind. The dog is chosen when he is very young. The first year of his life the dog lives with a family where he is well looked after. It helps him to get accustomed to people. Then the dog can be chosen for the blind. The dog is taught to let his master know when to cross streets, to lead him up and down the stairs. With these dogs the blind are free to go everywhere.

  • Complete the sentence according to the passage.

  • The dog lives with a family before training in order …

The underlined “it” in the passage refers to … .

The passage is mainly about … .

Which word from the passage has the meaning “unable to see anybody or anything”?

Choose the false variant.  (Open end test)

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