Stylistics Nr 10, 25 questions

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  • Stylistics 25 questions  25 minute

00024;  ‘Tis a pity though, in this sublime word that Pleasure’s a sin, and sometimes sin’s a pleasure.”


0008; "The round game table was boisterous and happy." (Dickens)


000017; a SD which separates things, properties or actions brought together and form a chain of grammatically and semantically homogeneous parts of the utterance. It aims at manisided characterization of the phenomena described. e. g. She wasn't sure of anything and more, of him, herself, their friends, her work, her future.


00011;  "As the sword is the worst argument that can be used, so should it be the last." (Byron)


00023; “His jokes were sermons, and his sermons jokes.”


0001;  type of irony in which a person appears to be praising something but is actually insulting it. Its purpose is to injure or hurt. (As I fell down the stairs headfirst, I heard her say, 'Look at that coordination’)


0003; "Kill the boys and the luggage!"


0009;  The material instead of the thing made of it, as in: "The marble spoke." , -


00016; stylistic device based on singling out a secondary member of sentence with the help of punctuation (intonation). (I have to beg you for money. Daily.)


0002; ...stylistic device based on the interaction of 2 well-known meanings of a word or phrase. (Did you hit a woman with a child? - No, I hit her with a brick.)


00010;  The instrument which the doer uses in performing the action instead of the action or the doer himself, as in:  "Well, Mr. Weller, says the gentPmn, you're a very good whip, and can do what you like with your horses, we know." (Dickens)


00022;  “Down dropped the breeze, The sails dropped down.” (Coleridge)


00004; The addict kicked the habit and then the bucket.


00012; a stylistic device also based on the simultaneous reali­zation of two logical meanings—dictionary and contextual, but the two meanings stand in opposition to each other. For example: "It must be delightful to find oneself in a foreign country without a penny in one's pocket."


00018; repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses or lines. (Better for him, better for me)


00025;  “Men are the sport of circumstances, when the circumstances seem the sport of men.”


0006;  Hand - for help


00020; ("doubling back") rhetorical repetition of 1 or several words; specifically, repetition of a word that ends 1 clause at the beginning of the next.


00021; Every racing car, every racer, every mechanic, every ice - cream van was also plastered with advertising.


00013; ....understanding 1 thing with another; the use of a part for the whole, or the whole for the part. (All hands on deck. The hall applauded.)


0007; The container instead of the thing contained: • The hall applauded.


00015;  repetition of the same sound in words close to each other.


0005;  The name of a sports team - used in place of its individual members.


00014: exaggeration for emphasis or for rhetorical effect. (I was so embarrassed, I could have died. I would give the whole world to know.)


00019;  a brief reference to a person, event or thing religious or historical. 

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